About 10 Thought experiments

In an innovative exploration of artificial intelligence, we utilized GPT-3 to generate a series of unique thought experiments. These experiments were inspired by classic philosophical and scientific conundrums, reimagined through the lens of AI. To bring these concepts to life, we collaborated with @WhiteBoardG, who provided vivid sketches for each experiment.


  1. AI-Generated Thought Experiments: Each thought experiment was generated by GPT-3, demonstrating the AI’s ability to understand and reinterpret complex philosophical and scientific concepts.
  2. Inspired by Classics: The experiments are not entirely new but are based on classic thought experiments, providing a fresh perspective on well-known dilemmas.
  3. Visual Representation: Each thought experiment is accompanied by a sketch from @WhiteBoardG, making the abstract concepts more tangible and engaging.
  4. Interdisciplinary Collaboration: This project represents a unique intersection of artificial intelligence, philosophy, science, and art, showcasing the potential of interdisciplinary collaboration.