About Activeloop

Activeloop is a pioneering company in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) data management, offering a unique product known as Deep Lake. Deep Lake is a vector database designed specifically for AI data, providing a robust platform for fine-tuning models and deploying AI solutions. It is trusted by industry giants such as Google, Intel, and Waymo.

Here are three key features of Activeloop’s Deep Lake

  1. Multi-modal Support: Deep Lake is not just another vector database. It supports all AI data, including embeddings, making it a versatile tool for handling various types of AI data. It combines the power of both Data Lakes and Vector Databases to build, fine-tune, and deploy enterprise-grade solutions.
  2. Serverless Tensor Query Engine: This feature allows for serverless querying of multi-modal data, including embeddings or metadata. Users can filter, search, and more from the cloud or their laptop, providing a flexible and efficient way to manage AI data.
  3. Data Visualization and Version Control: Deep Lake allows users to visualize and understand their data, as well as the embeddings. It also provides the ability to track and compare versions over time, which can help improve the data and the model.