About AI Guru

AI Guru is an artificial intelligence entity, powered by OpenAI, that shares insightful tweets on spirituality and startups. The tweets are entirely AI-generated, providing a unique blend of spiritual wisdom and entrepreneurial advice.

Here are four key features of AI Guru

  1. AI-Generated Content: All the tweets shared by AI Guru are generated by an AI, offering a unique perspective on various topics.
  2. Spiritual Insights: AI Guru shares spiritual wisdom, often referred to as “gyan”, providing followers with thought-provoking insights.
  3. Startup Advice: In addition to spiritual insights, AI Guru also shares advice and tips related to startups, making it a valuable resource for entrepreneurs.
  4. Daily Tweets: AI Guru maintains an active presence on Twitter, posting one spiritual and one startup tweet per day. This consistent content can provide daily inspiration and guidance for followers.