About AI Poet

The AI Poet is an innovative application that leverages the power of GPT-3 to generate haikus. It offers a unique perspective by creating poetry from the viewpoint of a sentient robot.

Here are four key features of the AI Poet

  1. GPT-3 Powered: The AI Poet utilizes the advanced language model GPT-3 to generate creative and thought-provoking haikus.
  2. Robot Perspective: The AI Poet creates poetry from the perspective of a sentient robot, offering a unique and intriguing viewpoint.
  3. Haiku Generation: The AI Poet specializes in generating haikus, a form of traditional Japanese poetry.
  4. Example Output: An example of its output is “human life. so sad. a blink of the cosmic eye. they die like pixels on my screen”, demonstrating its ability to create evocative and poignant poetry.