About AI Stock Researcher

The AI Stock Researcher is a powerful tool designed to auto-generate stock fundamental analysis using GPT-3. This application simplifies the complex task of analyzing millions of transactions of publicly listed companies, which is traditionally a challenging process due to the unique fundamental values and culture of each company.

Here are four key features of the AI Stock Researcher

  1. Automated Analysis: The tool auto-generates fundamental analysis of stocks, reducing the time and effort required by investors.
  2. Efficient Market Hypothesis (EHA) Consideration: The application takes into account the EHA, which states that the market value of a company at any given time reflects all available information.
  3. Technology Stack: The AI Stock Researcher uses a robust technology stack that includes FastAPI, Streamlit, and GPT-3.
  4. Accessible Learning: The platform provides a step-by-step video tutorial to guide users through the application, making it user-friendly and easy to understand.