About Akkio

Akkio is a predictive AI platform designed for analysts, offering an easy-to-use, scalable, and affordable solution for real-time decision making. It enables users to leverage their data to predict future trends and make informed decisions, without the need for coding.

Here are four key features of Akkio

  1. Effortless Forecasting: Akkio allows users to understand patterns, analyze influential factors, and make forecasts with their live data. It provides intuitive insights and impact analysis, helping users to make actionable forecasts.
  2. Data Management: Akkio offers features like merging columns, reformatting dates, and removing outliers, making data management super easy. It can integrate with your own data warehouse and automatically update your business reports and forecasts based on live data.
  3. Applications for Various Operations: Akkio can be used in various operational areas such as sales, finance, and customer support. It can predict key business outcomes like lead conversion, revenue forecasting, text classification, and churn reduction.
  4. Easy Integration and Instant Sharing: Akkio allows users to share their predictions instantly with their team through a link. It also provides easy integration with any application, with available integrations for the most popular languages and platforms.