About Algolia

Algolia is a leading AI-powered search and discovery platform designed to enhance user experiences across websites and applications. The platform is built to understand user intent, providing accurate and fast results, whether the search is based on exact terms or free-form expressions.

Three key features of Algolia include

  1. Algolia NeuralSearchâ„¢: This feature understands the intent behind user searches, enabling customers to find what they’re looking for, regardless of whether they use exact terms or free-form expressions.
  2. Scalability and Speed: Algolia is built for scale, offering unmatched user experiences with blazing fast results. It operates on a global scale with over 10,000 servers and 100+ data centers across six continents.
  3. Security and Compliance: Algolia is committed to providing a secure platform for its users. It is compliant with SSO, SAML, SOC2, SOC3, ISO27001, and HIPAA standards, ensuring a high level of security for all its users.