About AptEdge

AptEdge is a revolutionary platform that leverages AI technology to transform customer support. It offers an advanced answer engine, AnswerGPT™, that enhances efficiency and facilitates seamless interactions. This platform is designed to empower customer care teams with faster support resolution, improved customer satisfaction (CSAT), and lower support costs by transforming enterprise knowledge into dynamic answers.

Three key features of AptEdge include

  1. GPT Powered Answer Engine: AptEdge’s AnswerGPT™ is a generative AI engine that provides immediate Tier 1 resolution, reducing escalation by up to 35%. It helps in resolving tickets faster and achieving high CSAT.
  2. Contextualized Knowledge: AptEdge surfaces contextualized knowledge to quickly resolve issues, improve response quality, and keep customers happy. It can automatically deflect common cases, group similar cases, and allow teams to focus on high-value items.
  3. Integration with Existing Apps: AptEdge integrates with all the apps you use, including knowledge bases, ticketing systems, issue tracking tools, CRMs, code repositories, collaboration tools, and more. This ensures a seamless workflow and enhances productivity.