About ArthurAI

ArthurAI is an advanced AI platform designed to provide comprehensive AI performance solutions across various domains such as Large Language Models (LLMs), Computer Vision, Tabular Data, and Natural Language Processing (NLP). It is designed to be model- and platform-agnostic, continuously scaling to meet complex and dynamic enterprise needs.

Three key features of ArthurAI include

  1. Total AI Performance: ArthurAI offers a comprehensive AI performance solution. It allows users to be aware of issues with their models before they occur, observe the impact of model and system changes quickly and automatically, and mitigate risk to ensure compliance and safe adoption of AI.
  2. Flexibility & Scale: The ArthurAI platform is adaptable to any model and any platform. It works seamlessly with all leading data science and MLOps tools, and can adapt to industry-leading cloud providers or on-premise installations.
  3. Collaboration & Productivity: ArthurAI enhances collaboration and productivity by offering a centralized dashboard for managing model performance, real-time metrics & optimization, and streamlined stakeholder engagement with customizable permissions across teams and organizations.