About Botto

Botto is a revolutionary concept in the world of art, functioning as a decentralized autonomous artist. Governed by the community, Botto creates unique works of art based on collective feedback, defining a new genre of art in the process.

Here are four key features of Botto

  1. Decentralized Autonomous Artist: Botto creates art based on collective feedback from the community, making it a decentralized autonomous artist.
  2. Art Engine: Botto’s art engine, trained on millions of images, generates over 4000 unique images every week, all untouched by human hands.
  3. Governed by BottoDAO: Each week, Botto presents 350 promising pieces for consideration by the DAO. The community guides what is considered art, and Botto evolves based on this feedback.
  4. Weekly Auctions: The most popular fragment each week is minted as a final artwork on Ethereum and sold at auction. The proceeds are managed by the DAO to pay for the artist’s management, its servers, and to reward the creative labor of the community.