About Browse AI

Browse AI is a powerful tool designed to make data extraction and monitoring from any website a breeze. It allows users to train a robot in just 2 minutes, with no coding required, to perform various tasks.

Here are four key features of Browse AI

  1. Data Extraction: Extract specific data from any website in the form of a self-filling spreadsheet. This feature is particularly useful for data analysis and research purposes.
  2. Monitoring: Schedule data extraction and get notified about changes. This feature is ideal for keeping track of updates on specific webpages.
  3. Prebuilt Robot Setup: Browse AI offers prebuilt robots for popular use cases, allowing users to start using them right away. This saves time and effort in setting up a new robot from scratch.
  4. Custom API: Although this feature is marked as “coming soon”, it promises to provide users with the ability to turn any website into an API, further enhancing the versatility and usefulness of Browse AI.