About Buildt

Buildt is an innovative AI tool designed to assist developers in quickly searching and understanding large codebases. It is a solution that simplifies the process of working with million-line codebases, a common challenge at companies like Stripe and Airbnb.

Here are four key features of Buildt

  1. Contextual Search: Buildt offers a contextual search feature that goes beyond simple string matches, allowing developers to find what they need even with vague descriptions of the function.
  2. Code Explanations: The tool provides explanations for code, enhancing understanding and making it feel like an expert is guiding you through your own project.
  3. Codegen: Buildt also features a code generation function, further simplifying the development process.
  4. LLM-Powered: The tool is powered by a fine-tuned Language Model (LLM) trained on proprietary synthetic datasets, giving it a superior understanding of any codebase.