About Carrot

Carrot AI is an organization dedicated to advancing ethical AI on the web. They focus on creating open-source and free AI systems that power the next generation of web solutions and infrastructures. Their approach is human-centered, prioritizing the privacy and well-being of end users.

Here are four key features of Carrot AI

  1. Recommender Systems: Carrot AI develops AI-driven recommendation systems based on state-of-the-art science.
  2. Human-Centered Approach: The organization places a high emphasis on the end users, their privacy, and their well-being.
  3. Open-Source and Free: All of Carrot AI’s projects are forever free, open-source, and do not contain any ads.
  4. Community Support: Carrot AI is a community-supported organization. They offer all their projects for free and are grateful for any donations, which are used to keep the servers running and are reinvested back into the community.