About Casetext CoCounsel

Casetext, a leading legal AI company, has unveiled its groundbreaking AI legal assistant, CoCounsel, powered by GPT-4, the newest and most sophisticated large language model developed by OpenAI. In a remarkable feat, GPT-4 has not only successfully tackled the multiple-choice section but has also excelled in the written portions of the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE), marking a significant milestone for AI technology in the legal domain. With its advanced reasoning abilities, validated by its exceptional performance on the bar exam, GPT-4 introduces a new era of transformative changes within the legal industry.

Here are four key features of CoCounsel

  • Unprecedented Legal Assistance: CoCounsel, fueled by GPT-4, offers legal professionals an unrivaled level of AI-powered support, combining deep knowledge of legal principles with advanced language comprehension.
  • Enhanced Legal Reasoning: GPT-4’s ability to comprehend complex legal scenarios and provide insightful analysis empowers attorneys with improved decision-making capabilities and assists in legal research, case analysis, and strategic planning.
  • Rapid Industry Transformation: With the introduction of professional-grade AI in law, CoCounsel paves the way for accelerated and profound changes within the legal industry, streamlining workflows and augmenting the expertise of legal professionals.
  • Reliable and Comprehensive Legal Solutions: CoCounsel leverages the cutting-edge capabilities of GPT-4 to deliver comprehensive and accurate legal information, enabling practitioners to access relevant precedents, statutes, and case law efficiently, ultimately enhancing their overall efficiency and effectiveness.