About Centaur Bard

The Centaur Bard is a unique project that combines the creative abilities of both humans and artificial intelligence to produce poetic art.

Here are four key features of this project

  1. AI and Human Collaboration: The project involves the creation of poetry by GPT-3 via Sudowrite, with humans acting as selectors of the best and most moving pieces, without any editing.
  2. Artistic Integration: Each poem is reflected upon by an artist and integrated into a visual form, creating a unique piece of art.
  3. NFT Offerings: Each unique piece of art is offered as an NFT, with proceeds being donated to Room to Read.
  4. Three-Stage AI Prompting: The AI, GPT-3, is prompted in three stages to create the poems. It hallucinates titles and first lines, writes the body of the poem using contemporary free verse poetry as inspiration, and then writes a satisfying end to the poem.