About ChatGPT Chrome Extension

The “ChatGPT for Chrome & YouTube Summary” is a versatile and free Chrome extension that enhances your browsing experience by integrating ChatGPT and YouTube functionalities.

Here are four key features of this extension

  1. Access ChatGPT from Chrome Toolbar: This feature allows you to interact with ChatGPT directly from your Chrome toolbar, enabling you to ask anything instantly.
  2. Transcripts of YouTube Videos: When you visit YouTube videos, a gadget box appears on the top right, providing quick access to transcripts of the video you’re watching.
  3. Summarize YouTube Videos: The extension offers a unique feature where you can click “View AI Summary” to see a concise summary of the YouTube video.
  4. Regular Updates and Bug Fixes: The developers regularly update the extension, adding new features and fixing bugs to ensure a smooth user experience.