About ChatGPT Telegram bot

The ChatGPT Telegram bot is a project that allows you to run your own instance of a GPTChat bot on Telegram with a single command. This bot is powered by ChatGPT, a large language model trained by OpenAI.

Here are four key features of the ChatGPT Telegram bot

  1. Easy Installation: The bot can be installed on various operating systems including macOS (Intel and M1), Linux (AMD and ARM), and Windows. You simply need to download the corresponding file from the releases page and set up your credentials.
  2. Personalized Access: You can limit the bot’s interaction to specific Telegram User IDs. This means you can set the bot to interact only with you or with a group of specific users.
  3. Docker Support: If you’re running this on a server with an existing Docker setup, you can use the provided Docker image. This makes it easy to deploy and run the bot in a containerized environment.
  4. Flexible Authentication: By default, the program will launch a browser for you to sign into your account. If this setup doesn’t work for you, you can manually extract your session from your browser instead. This flexibility ensures that you can run the bot in a variety of environments.