About ChatLLaMA

ChatLLaMA is an open-source implementation for LLaMA-based ChatGPT that is designed to run on a single GPU. It offers a 15x faster training process compared to the original ChatGPT. This project is creating a lot of excitement because it leverages the power of LLaMA, a collection of foundational large language models that are smaller than GPT-3 but deliver better performance.

Here are four key features of ChatLLaMA

  1. Open Source Implementation: ChatLLaMA provides a complete open-source implementation that enables you to build a ChatGPT-style service based on pre-trained LLaMA models.
  2. Faster and Cheaper: Compared to the original ChatGPT, the training process and single-GPU inference are much faster and cheaper, thanks to the smaller size of LLaMA architectures.
  3. DeepSpeed ZERO Support: ChatLLaMA has built-in support for DeepSpeed ZERO, which can speed up the fine-tuning process.
  4. Support for All LLaMA Architectures: The library supports all LLaMA model architectures (7B, 13B, 33B, 65B), allowing you to fine-tune the model according to your preferences for training time and inference performance.