CICERO is an innovative AI developed by Meta AI, designed to play the complex natural language strategy game, Diplomacy, at a human level. This AI agent has demonstrated its prowess by achieving more than double the average score of human players on webDiplomacy.net, an online version of the game, and ranking in the top 10% of participants who played more than one game.

Here are four key features of CICERO

  1. Human-Level Performance: CICERO is the first AI agent to achieve human-level performance in the game of Diplomacy, demonstrating its advanced capabilities.
  2. Strategic Reasoning: CICERO combines strategic reasoning with natural language processing, allowing it to understand and strategize based on players’ motivations.
  3. Natural Language Processing: The AI uses natural language to communicate, reach agreements, form alliances, and coordinate plans, showcasing its sophisticated language understanding.
  4. Top Ranking: In its performance on webDiplomacy.net, CICERO ranked in the top 10% of participants, outperforming the majority of human players.