About Claude

Claude is an innovative AI assistant developed by Anthropic, a startup co-founded by ex-OpenAI employees. This AI tool is designed to rival ChatGPT, offering a range of features that make it a compelling alternative.

  1. Advanced Model: Claude is based on AnthropicLM v4-s3, a 52-billion-parameter, pre-trained model. It’s an autoregressive model trained unsupervised on a large text corpus, similar to OpenAI’s GPT-3.
  2. Reinforcement Learning: Both Claude and ChatGPT use reinforcement learning to train a preference model over their outputs. However, Claude uses a unique approach known as Constitutional AI.
  3. Two Models: Claude is available in two versions. Claude-v1 is a powerful model capable of handling sophisticated dialog, creative content generation, and detailed instructions. On the other hand, Claude Instant is a faster, less expensive model designed for casual dialog, text analysis and summarization, and document Q&A.
  4. Impressive Achievements: Claude has demonstrated its capabilities by passing a Law and Economics exam, surpassing many human participants in the process.