About Climate Policy Radar

Climate Policy Radar is an innovative not-for-profit startup that leverages artificial intelligence and data science to decipher and analyze global climate change laws and policies. Their mission is to support informed decision-making and drive the transition to a low-carbon, resilient, and just world.

Key features of Climate Policy Radar include:

  1. Comprehensive Database: Climate Policy Radar provides a platform to search and explore thousands of climate change laws, policies, and legal cases worldwide. This comprehensive database is a valuable resource for anyone interested in climate policy.
  2. AI-Powered Analysis: The platform uses AI to automatically detect and highlight similar words in policy documents, making it easier for users to find relevant information. This feature saves time and improves the efficiency of research.
  3. Comparative Insights: Users can compare different nations’ climate action plans and explore climate laws and policies by sector. This feature provides valuable insights into global climate action and helps identify best practices.