About CodeGPT

Code-GPT is an innovative extension for Visual Studio Code developed by Vaibhav Acharya. It leverages artificial intelligence to provide instant explanations for any piece of code within the code editor, enhancing the coding experience and understanding.

Here are four key features of Code-GPT

  1. Real-time Code Explanations: Code-GPT provides instant explanations for selected code in real-time, making it easier to understand complex code snippets.
  2. Enhanced Coding Efficiency: By providing clear explanations, Code-GPT helps increase your coding understanding and efficiency.
  3. Time-saving: Code-GPT saves time and minimizes frustration by providing clear and concise code explanations, reducing the need for extensive searches or consultations.
  4. In-depth Code Analysis: Code-GPT helps improve your coding skills by providing in-depth code analysis, offering insights that can help you become a better programmer.