About Codeium

Codeium is a modern coding superpower that offers a free AI-powered toolkit for developers. It provides a unique blend of features to enhance the coding experience and productivity.

  1. AI-Powered Autocomplete: Codeium’s generative code can autocomplete faster than thought, saving developers time and helping them ship products faster. It supports over 70+ languages and integrates with various IDEs.
  2. Intelligent Search: The platform provides an AI-powered search feature that allows developers to find files and code related to their intent without wrestling with clunky regexes.
  3. AI-Powered Chat: Codeium Chat is a feature that assists developers by generating boilerplate, refactoring code, adding documentation, explaining code, suggesting bug fixes, and much more.
  4. Free Forever: Codeium is free for individual developers, offering unlimited autocomplete and natural language search for repositories. It ensures end-to-end data encryption and support via Discord.