About Codex CLI

Codex CLI is a command-line interface tool developed by Microsoft that leverages OpenAI’s GPT-3 Codex model to translate natural language commands into their Bash, ZShell, or PowerShell equivalents. This tool aims to make the interaction with command-line interfaces more intuitive and less dependent on precise command syntax.

Here are four key features of Codex CLI

  1. Natural Language Processing: Codex CLI uses GPT-3 Codex to convert natural language commands into commands in PowerShell, Z shell, and Bash. This allows users to interact with their favorite CLI using natural language.
  2. Cross-Shell Compatibility: The tool offers a cross-shell NL->Code experience, meaning it can generate commands idiomatic to the shell the user is using, be it PowerShell, Z shell, or Bash.
  3. Multi-Turn Mode: Codex CLI supports a multi-turn mode where it “remembers” past interactions with the model, allowing users to refer back to previous actions and entities. This feature can be toggled on and off as per the user’s preference.
  4. Prompt Engineering and Context Files: The project uses a discipline called prompt engineering to coax the right commands from Codex. It also allows users to build their own contexts to coax other behaviors out of the model, providing flexibility and customization.