About Curai

Curai Health is a leading provider of AI-enabled healthcare services, offering 24/7/365 virtual primary care. Their unique blend of artificial intelligence and medical expertise allows them to deliver a level of primary care that goes beyond traditional capabilities, resulting in better patient outcomes, increased team productivity, and reduced operating costs.

Here are four key features of Curai Health

  1. Comprehensive Virtual Care Solution: Curai offers personalized primary care physician (PCP) and urgent care services, augmented prescription and lab ordering, care programs and condition management, referral management and network navigation, and clinical workflow integrations.
  2. AI-Assisted Primary Care Model: Their AI-assisted primary care model enhances the quality of service, improves patient outcomes, boosts team productivity, and lowers operational costs.
  3. Scalable Care Delivery: Curai Health promotes primary care as a fundamental driver of improved population health outcomes, greater equity of care, and decreased costs. Their AI-assisted technology and services enable a scalable, digitally-enabled care strategy.
  4. Partner for Health Systems, Health Plans, and Digital Health Companies: Curai Health extends the reach of care assets with AI-enabled, text-based care for health systems, enables virtual care network strategies for health plans, and provides a cost-optimized, scalable solution for digital health companies.