About Cyberpunk: Peach John

Cyberpunk: Peach John is a groundbreaking manga comic by the anonymous Japanese author Rootport, which stands out as the world’s first complete AI manga work. The comic is a unique blend of traditional storytelling and cutting-edge technology, with the visuals produced entirely by an AI image generating tool, Midjourney.

Here are four key features of this innovative work

  1. AI-Generated Imagery: Rootport used the AI tool Midjourney to create the comic’s visuals. He entered text descriptions to generate images that matched his storyline, refining them through trial and error.
  2. Rapid Creation Process: The author completed the work in just six weeks. Considering the comic spans over 100 pages and is fully colored, a similar project would typically take over a year to complete by hand.
  3. Character Recognition: Since the AI tool couldn’t directly replicate existing characters in new poses or with different expressions, Rootport gave his characters distinctive features, such as pink hair or a red kimono, to help readers recognize them as the story progresses.
  4. Inclusion of a How-to Guide: The comic book includes a 10-page guide explaining how readers can create their own AI-generated manga, encouraging others to explore the possibilities of AI in art.