About DALL·E mini

DALL·E Mini is an open-source project that allows users to generate images from a text prompt. It is a smaller, more accessible version of OpenAI’s DALL·E, which uses artificial intelligence to create images from textual descriptions. The project is hosted on GitHub and is developed by a team of contributors led by Boris Dayma.

Here are four key features of DALL·E Mini

  1. Ease of Use: DALL·E Mini can be easily installed and used for inference with pip install dalle-mini. It also provides a detailed guide on how to use the model.
  2. Training Capabilities: The project includes tools for training DALL·E Mini, with the ability to adjust the sweep configuration file for hyperparameter search.
  3. Community Contributions: The project encourages contributions from the community, whether it’s reporting issues, proposing fixes/improvements, or testing the model with cool prompts.
  4. Model Availability: Trained models are available on the Model Hub, including DALL·E Mini and DALL·E Mega for generating images from a text prompt, and VQGAN-f16-16384 for encoding/decoding images.