About Delv AI

Delv AI is a cutting-edge platform designed to help users gain insights from textual data silos. It provides a bird’s eye view of the web and can be integrated with any textual database. The platform offers interactive visualizations of relevant articles, clustered by topic.

Here are four key features of Delv AI

  1. Textual Data Insights: Delv AI helps you cut through the noise and gain valuable insights from textual data silos.
  2. Integration with Textual Databases: The platform can be integrated with any textual database, providing a comprehensive view of your data.
  3. Interactive Visualizations: Delv AI presents relevant articles in an interactive visualization, clustered by topic, making it easier to find and analyze information.
  4. Dense Text Q&A and Extractive Summaries: The platform allows you to ask hard, specific questions to documents, like you would ask a person. It also provides extractive summaries for a concise understanding of the content.