About Diagram

Diagram is a futuristic design tool powered by artificial intelligence, aiming to unleash the creativity of its users.

Here are four key features of Diagram

  1. Magician: This feature allows users to cast a spell on their Figma designs, turning ideas into assets. It includes utilities like Magic Icon for generating SVG icons, Magic Image for quick image generation in Figma, and Magic Copy for writing, editing, and rewriting Figma text layers.
  2. Genius: Genius is an AI design companion in Figma that transforms your ideas into fully-editable UI designs. It provides in-line suggestions, iterates on your designs, and works with your design system to provide smart recommendations.
  3. Automator: Automator is designed to automate design tasks in Figma with a single click, turning hours of tedious work into a simple action. It allows users to build powerful automations without code and sync them with their entire team.
  4. UI-AI: This feature uses the latest advancements in AI combined with creative prompting to generate design assets. It allows users to leverage multimodal prompts (text and images) to generate design assets from anywhere on the web.