About Diffblue

Diffblue is a generative AI for code that focuses on autonomously writing Java unit tests to catch regressions early in the development pipeline. This allows developers to ship quality code faster and more frequently. The AI is designed to improve the developer experience, as demonstrated by its use at Citi, where it can write a complete and correct Java unit test every 2 seconds.

Here are four key features of Diffblue

  1. Accelerated Development: Diffblue Cover’s AI autonomously writes Java unit tests, catching regressions early and enabling faster, more frequent quality code delivery.
  2. Application Modernization: Diffblue Cover can write a full unit test suite, providing the coverage baseline needed to start modernizing applications safely. It also autonomously maintains the test suite as the team refactors and updates the code.
  3. Reduced Lead Time for Changes: Diffblue’s AI for Code technology eliminates the burden of writing and maintaining unit tests, allowing Java teams to shift left and innovate with confidence. It makes agile planning easier and more effective, and unit testing becomes a scalable and reliable part of automated CI pipelines.
  4. Increased Deployment Frequency: Diffblue Cover’s AI-powered platform eliminates the repetitive, tedious effort of writing and maintaining unit tests, enabling developers to write quality code in less time and ship more frequently.