About Diffusion Bee

DiffusionBee is an innovative application that empowers users to generate AI art on their computer using Stable Diffusion. It’s a user-friendly platform that runs offline and is completely free of charge. The application is designed to unlock your imagination, providing tools to generate AI art in a few seconds. You can use it to edit existing images or create new ones from scratch, all based on your text prompts.

Here are four key features of DiffusionBee

  1. Text to Image: Generate an image using a text prompt. This feature allows you to create any image in any style.
  2. Image to Image: Modify existing images using text prompts. You can create a new image based on a starting image.
  3. In-painting: Add or remove objects in an existing image at a selected region using a text prompt.
  4. Upscaling: Use AI to automatically increase the resolution of the generated image.