About Discord Clyde

Clyde, the AI chatbot, is a significant upgrade to Discord’s platform. It’s designed to enhance user experience and interactions within the platform. Here are four key features of Clyde:

  1. Extended Conversations: Clyde is now capable of having extended conversations with users and their friends. By simply typing @Clyde in a server, users can chat with Clyde in any channel.
  2. Group Interaction: Clyde can initiate a thread for a group of friends to hang out, fostering more interactive and engaging conversations.
  3. Media Recommendations and Access: Clyde can recommend playlists and access GIFs and emojis just like any other Discord user, adding a fun element to the chat experience.
  4. Privacy-First Approach: Clyde operates with a privacy-first and optional-only approach. It only stores and uses information as described in Discord’s Privacy Policy and can only access messages sent directly to it or sent in a thread it created. It does not record, store, or use any voice or video call data from users.