About Dolly by Databricks

Databricks has introduced a new large language model (LLM) named Dolly. This model is a significant breakthrough in the field of LLMs as it democratizes the power of AI by making it accessible and affordable for all organizations. Dolly is a 6 billion parameter model that has been trained to follow instructions like ChatGPT, a proprietary model by OpenAI.

Here are four key features of Dolly

  1. Affordable and Accessible: Dolly is an open-source model, making it affordable and accessible for all organizations. It can be recreated on Databricks at a minimal cost.
  2. Instruction Following Capabilities: Despite its smaller size compared to models like GPT-3, Dolly exhibits a surprising degree of instruction-following capabilities. It can perform tasks like text generation, brainstorming, and open Q&A.
  3. Fine-tuned on High-Quality Data: Dolly is fine-tuned on a small corpus of high-quality instruction training data, which has led to significant improvements in its instruction-following capabilities.
  4. Open Source and Customizable: Databricks has open-sourced Dolly, allowing organizations to own and customize the model to improve their products. This is particularly beneficial for companies that prefer to maintain control over their sensitive and proprietary data.