About FinGPT

FinGPT is an open-source project developed by the AI4Finance Foundation that aims to revolutionize the finance industry. It is a data-centric model designed to democratize Internet-scale data for financial large language models (FinLLMs). The project is currently under active development with the trained model set to be released soon.

Here are four key features of FinGPT

  1. Dynamic Adaptation: FinGPT is designed to adapt swiftly to new data, making it highly suitable for the dynamic nature of finance. This lightweight adaptation approach significantly reduces the cost and time of retraining the model with every significant change in the financial landscape.
  2. Democratization of Financial Data: FinGPT aims to democratize Internet-scale financial data. It uses an automatic data curation pipeline for timely updates, making it a more accessible alternative to models that rely on privileged data access and APIs.
  3. Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF): FinGPT incorporates RLHF, a key technology that enables the model to learn individual preferences such as risk-aversion level and investing habits. This feature is crucial for personalized financial services like robo-advisors.
  4. End-to-End Framework: FinGPT provides a full-stack framework for FinLLMs, which includes a data source layer for real-time information capture, a data engineering layer for real-time NLP data processing, an LLMs layer for fine-tuning methodologies, and an application layer for showcasing practical applications and demos.