About Flowise

FlowiseAI is an open-source UI visual tool designed to facilitate the building of Language Learning Model (LLM) applications. It leverages LangchainJS and is written in Node Typescript/Javascript, providing a user-friendly interface for creating customized LLM flows.

Here are four key features of FlowiseAI

  1. Open Source: FlowiseAI is released under an open-source MIT license, making it freely available for both commercial and personal use.
  2. Live Preview: It allows users to see their LLM applications running live, enabling real-time adjustments and improvements.
  3. Extensible Component: FlowiseAI supports custom component integrations, offering flexibility to cater to specific needs.
  4. LLM Chain: It provides examples of LLM Chains with various templates and models, such as a Prompt Template, LLM Model, and a Chat Model for language translation and conversational retrieval QA chains.