About Forest

Forest is a powerful tool designed to streamline your Slack experience by summarizing long threads.

Here are four key features

  1. Summarize Slack Threads: With just a couple of simple steps, you can use Forest to summarize any Slack thread, eliminating the need to read through lengthy discussions.
  2. Easy Installation: Forest is a Slack app that can be easily installed and added to any Slack channel.
  3. Forest Shortcut: The Forest shortcut can be added to any Slack thread, allowing you to generate a summary of the thread with just a few clicks.
  4. Built with Forest’s Workflow Builder: The Forest Slack app was built using Forest’s workflow builder, which utilizes a webhook to listen to Slack commands, a REST API block to integrate with Open AI’s API, and custom JavaScript for the core logic. This demonstrates the power and flexibility of Forest’s workflow builder.