About Fridai

Fridai is a gamer’s best friend, a voice assistant that understands the needs of gamers. It’s designed to keep your head in the game without interruptions, providing a seamless gaming experience. Fridai is not just an assistant, it’s a wingman, a partner, a sidekick, a lieutenant, a bestie, a backup, a friend, a companion, a deputy, a bro, and a guide to your gaming adventures.


  1. Screenshot Capture: Fridai allows you to take screenshots without pressing any buttons, making it easier to capture your gaming moments.
  2. Stream Interaction: With Fridai, you can interact with your stream while keeping your hands on the game, enhancing your streaming experience.
  3. Game Walkthroughs: Stuck in a game? Fridai provides walkthroughs without the need for you to search for a wiki, saving you time and effort.
  4. Continuous Improvement: Fridai learns from your interactions, constantly adding new features and integrations. It levels up alongside you, providing a dynamic gaming experience without any DLCs, microtransactions, or lootboxes.