About Gen-2

Gen-2 by Runway is the next step forward for generative AI, offering a multi-modal AI system that can generate novel videos from text, images, or video clips. It’s designed to realistically and consistently synthesize new videos, either by applying the composition and style of an image or text prompt to the structure of a source video, or by using nothing but words.

Here are four key features of Gen-2

  1. Text to Video: This mode allows you to synthesize videos in any style you can imagine using nothing but a text prompt. If you can say it, you can see it.
  2. Text + Image to Video: This mode enables you to generate a video using a driving image and a text prompt, combining the two to create a unique visual experience.
  3. Image to Video: In this mode, you can generate a video using just a driving image, creating variations and dynamic content from a single static image.
  4. Stylization: This feature allows you to transfer the style of any image or prompt to every frame of your video, creating a consistent and visually striking result.