About Ghostwriter

Ghostwriter is an innovative application powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3, designed to revolutionize the realm of creative writing. It is a unique blend of modern AI technology and traditional typewriting, conceived by Arvind Sanjeev.

Here’s a short introduction and four key features of Ghostwriter

  1. AI-Powered Typewriter: Ghostwriter is a legitimate typewriter retrofitted with OpenAI’s GPT-3 system, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi. It prints out every command and the AI text generation feature for the user, instead of having it appear on-screen for PCs.
  2. No Screens: Staying true to the essence of a typewriter, Ghostwriter has no screens. The output is delivered in the traditional typewritten format.
  3. Creative Writing Companion: Ghostwriter is designed to assist in creative writing. It allows you to co-write stories, providing a unique blend of human creativity and AI-powered suggestions.
  4. Innovative Technology Blend: Ghostwriter is a quirky idea that brings the modern-day feature of AI to a decades-old technology, creating a unique writing experience.