About Google Codey

Google Colab, a popular platform for Python programming, is set to introduce AI coding features using Google’s advanced code models, Codey. This new development aims to enhance the programming experience by increasing speed, quality, and comprehension. Here are four key features of this update:

  1. Code Completions: Codey will provide code completions, which will help programmers write code more quickly and accurately.
  2. Natural Language to Code Generation: This feature will allow users to generate larger blocks of code, even whole functions, from comments or prompts. This aims to reduce the need for writing repetitive code.
  3. Code-Assisting Chatbot: An integrated chatbot will be introduced into Colab, enabling users to ask questions directly in the platform, such as “How do I import data from Google Sheets?” or “How do I filter a Pandas DataFrame?”.
  4. Access to Powerful Coding Features: Initially, Colab users in the United States will get first access to the Codey models inside Colab. Over time, these features will be rolled out to other geographies and to the free-of-charge tier of users.