About GPT-3 Demo

The “gpt3-demo” is a web user interface designed for testing out various GPT-3 use cases. It’s a project hosted on GitHub and invites contributions from the developer community.


  1. Interactive GPT-3 Demos: The project provides a collection of interactive GPT-3 demos, allowing users to explore and understand the capabilities of GPT-3.
  2. NextJS and Mantine Framework: The web application is built using the NextJS framework and Mantine, a robust UI library, ensuring a smooth and efficient user experience.
  3. OpenAI Token Integration: The project requires an OpenAI token for operation, indicating its direct interaction with the OpenAI API for GPT-3.
  4. Codex Note: The project mentions Codex, which is in private beta and requires approval from OpenAI. This suggests that the project may also incorporate Codex functionalities in the future.