About GPT-3 Google

The GitHub repository “gpt-google” by user “ferrucc-io” is a project that leverages the power of OpenAI’s GPT-3 to answer questions using Google. It’s a simple script that generates a question using the OpenAI API and then uses Google to answer it. This project is a fun and interesting way to experiment with GPT-3’s capabilities.

Here are four key features of this project

  1. GPT-3 Integration: The script uses GPT-3 to generate questions based on user input.
  2. Google Search: The generated questions are then answered using Google, demonstrating an interesting use case of combining AI with search engines.
  3. OpenAI API Key: Users can create their own OpenAI API key and save it in their environment variables to use this script.
  4. Extendable Examples: The repository includes an examples folder where users can find ways to build on top of this script. One such example is using GPT-3 to qualify new sign-ups for a product and receive a Slack notification with a summary of the results.