About GPT-3 Grandmother

The GPT-3 Grandmother, also known as 奶奶, is a free chatbot powered by GPT-3 with the primary purpose of aiding users in practicing Chinese. However, it is not limited to those who know Chinese, as it provides translations to English.

Here are four key features of the GPT-3 Grandmother

  1. Language Practice: The bot is designed to help users practice Chinese, but it also provides translations to English, making it accessible to non-Chinese speakers.
  2. Dynamic Responses: The same input can yield different outputs, making the conversation with the bot more engaging and less predictable.
  3. Contextual Conversations: The bot takes into account prior dialogue in the same conversation when generating its responses, providing a more coherent and context-aware interaction.
  4. Creativity over Accuracy: The settings of the bot may be more oriented towards creativity than factual accuracy, offering a more human-like and imaginative conversation experience.