About GPT-3 navigates the New York subway

The application “GPT-3 Navigates the New York Subway” is a unique demonstration of the capabilities of OpenAI’s GPT-3. Created by Mark Ryan, it uses a simple Python harness and a set of prompts to test if GPT-3 can effectively navigate between stations in the New York City subway system.


  1. Compatibility with GPT-3: The application is designed to work seamlessly with GPT-3, leveraging its language understanding capabilities.
  2. Python Harness: The application uses a Python harness, which is a simple framework that allows GPT-3 to interact with the subway navigation task.
  3. Set of Prompts: The navigation task is facilitated by a set of prompts that guide GPT-3 in understanding the navigation requirements.
  4. Tested on NYC Subway System: The application is specifically tested on the New York City subway system, one of the largest and most complex subway systems in the world.