About GPT-3 Road Trip Plans for 2021 by CarMax

Based on the content from the CarMax article titled “AI Plans a Road Trip”, the article discusses an experiment where the AI system, Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3), was used to generate road trip plans. The plans were then compared to human-designed road trips to see which ones were preferred.

Here are four key features of the article

  1. AI vs Human Road Trip Planning: The article explores the idea of using AI to plan road trips, comparing the results with human-designed trips. The AI system used was GPT-3, and the road trips were designed according to eight different genres.
  2. Survey Results: Over 1,000 people in the U.S. were surveyed to understand their preferences for the perfect road trip. The results showed that more than 83% of people were planning to take a road trip, and they were more likely to go on an AI-designed road trip compared to one designed by humans.
  3. AI-Generated Road Trips: The AI-generated road trips were based on different themes such as best overall, best for couples, best cross-country, best coastal, best for foodies, best for summer, best for views, and best for visiting national monuments. The AI-suggested road trips were generally more popular among respondents than the human-designed ones.
  4. In-Car Experience and Essentials: The article also delves into the details of road tripping, including the preferred car brand for a road trip (Toyota), favorite music genres (classic rock and pop), and favorite snacks (nuts, fries, and slushies). The article also discusses the essentials for a road trip, such as a camera or a cellphone with a good camera, sunglasses, GPS, a phone charger, and a good pair of shoes.