About GPT Detector

The GPT Detector for StackOverflow is a Chrome extension that allows users to query ChatGPT for answers on StackOverflow. It also provides a mechanism to compare the similarity between previous answers and detect potentially fake answers.


  1. ChatGPT Integration: Use StackOverflow with ChatGPT answering questions for you. This feature provides new alternative answers to already answered questions as well as answers for unanswered questions.
  2. Bot Detection: The extension allows users to detect bots by comparing the similarity scores between answers provided by other users and the ChatGPT-generated answer.
  3. Enhanced Browsing: Browse StackOverflow with GPT by your side, making your experience more interactive and informative.
  4. Fake Answer Detection: The tool can compare previous answer similarities to detect fake answers, ensuring the quality and reliability of the information you receive.