About GPT Index

LlamaIndex, also known as GPT Index, is a data framework designed specifically for Language Models (LLMs). It is aimed at augmenting LLMs with private data and is particularly useful in building LLM applications.

Here are four key features of LlamaIndex

  1. Data Connectors: LlamaIndex provides data connectors that allow you to ingest your existing data sources and formats, including APIs, PDFs, documents, SQL, and more.
  2. Data Structuring: It offers ways to structure your data using indices and graphs, making the data easily usable with LLMs.
  3. Advanced Retrieval/Query Interface: LlamaIndex provides an advanced retrieval or query interface over your data. You can feed in any LLM input prompt and get back retrieved context and knowledge-augmented output.
  4. Easy Integration: It allows easy integrations with your outer application framework, such as LangChain, Flask, Docker, ChatGPT, and others.