About GPT-Migrate

GPT-Migrate is a tool designed to facilitate the migration of your codebase from one framework or language to another. This project is a boon for those who have experienced the challenges of migrating a codebase to a new framework or language. It’s important to note that migration is a complex and often tedious process, so users are advised to use GPT-Migrate responsibly.

Here are four key features of GPT-Migrate

  1. Automated Migration: GPT-Migrate evaluates your existing code, identifies dependencies, and rebuilds new code in your target language or framework. It starts from your designated entry file and can even spin up a Docker environment with the new codebase.
  2. Unit Testing: The tool develops unit tests using Python’s unittest framework. It can optionally test these against your existing app if it’s running and exposed on a certain port, and it tests the new code against these unit tests.
  3. Iterative Debugging: GPT-Migrate iteratively debugs the code for you with context from logs, error messages, relevant files, and directory structure. It chooses one or more actions (move, create, or edit files) then executes them, asking for clearance before executing any shell script.
  4. Customizable Behavior: You can customize the behavior of GPT-Migrate by passing various options to the main script. These options include the Large Language Model to be used, temperature setting for the AI model, source and target directories, source and target languages, operating system for the Dockerfile, and more.