About GPT3 Colour Palette Generator

The GPT3 Colour Palette Generator is an innovative application that utilizes the power of OpenAI’s GPT-3 to generate color palettes. This tool is designed to work with a Google Sheets script, demonstrating the flexibility of the GPT-3 machine learning language model.

Here are four key features of the GPT3 Colour Palette Generator

  1. Language-based Color Generation: The tool treats color as a form of language, generating a color palette in response to any English description provided in a cell of the Google Sheet.
  2. Hex Code Display: Once a color palette is generated, the tool displays the corresponding hex code values in the Google Sheet.
  3. Prompt Variability: The tool is designed to produce a complementary color palette based on any prompt you provide. A prompt like “shades of blue” won’t necessarily produce only shades of blue, but a variety of complementary colors.
  4. Palette Variation: The tool can generate different palette variations even if the same prompt is reused, providing a diverse range of color options.