About GPTDuck

GPTDuck is a unique tool designed to enhance your coding experience. It allows you to input a Github repository, which it then downloads to the server and creates embeddings against the code.

Here are four key features of GPTDuck

  1. Github Repository Input: You can input a Github repository, and GPTDuck will download it to the server. The repositories need to be public, have less than 200 files, and be less than 100MB in size.
  2. Question Input: GPTDuck allows you to input a question. It’s recommended to make it clear and concise. If you are asking about specific files or functions, name them as they are defined in the code.
  3. Learning About the Repo: If the repository has been indexed before, it will take about 15 seconds for GPTDuck to learn about it. If the repository hasn’t been indexed before, it may take several minutes depending on the size of the repository.
  4. Follow Updates: You can follow the creator of GPTDuck on Twitter at @garywupx for updates and information.